Strange potatoes?

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A 76–year–old man had a strange surprise when unearthing his homegrown spuds – for the second year in a row.

Ernest Twyford, of Farley, was shocked to find a three and a half pound potato in his harvest last year.

Almost exactly a year later, the retired farmer was shocked again to unearth another strange shaped potato a fraction of the size of the first one.

Ernest had been so mesmerised by the first potato he had neither eaten nor thrown it away.

He said: “Last year the potato was three and a half pounds, this year its four and a half ounces.”

Ernest is used to agriculture, having farmed sheep and cattle, and has taken some amusement in his double discoveries.

“It’s unusual to have them both the same,” he commented

“I’ve never grown one like this before. Never.”