Streets are not litter free

The district council tells us on both the litter bins and the leaflets that comes with our council tax demand, that 97per cent of our streets are clean.

That may well be the case elsewhere but most of our streets in Matlock are not litter free. Many give the appearance of not being swept for some time.

In the town centre, although admittedly free of paper and bottles, you have only to look behind the planters, under the seats and on the inner pavement edge to see the half hearted way it is cleaned.

One million pounds was spent, mainly on paving, here only two years ago.

Because the pavers were not sealed, anything spilt or deposited on them from coffee to dog urine leaves a mark.

No effort has been made to give the pavers a deep clean and I understand the attitude is, let them get really dirty then the marks will show anyway.

What an attitude for our caring council.

Another black spot, the land in front of the station and that infamous bridge.

Well it’s still autumn here, although I am not sure which autumn.

There are piles of leaves everywhere and the footbridge is full of detritus.

We may get the excuse that the land has not been handed back to the district council for maintenance yet, after four years, but that is surely no excuse for a caring council.

Remember, the area is visited by many tourists, now that the tourist information is sited there, and what a bad impression they must get.

Come on district council, pull your socks up and show you care about Matlock.

David Barker