Student has political view

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A STUDENT has had his say on tuition fees at a political gathering at Darley Bridge.

Manchester University student, Ben Fearn, gave a talk on the subject at the Derwent Valley Liberal Democrat meeting at the Square and Compass pub.

The 19-year-old focused on the issue of access and advancement in education and spelt out his desire for a carefully constructed graduate tax to replace the tuition fee system.

He said: “Access to education is a central driver of social mobility and we do it great harm if we choose market values as the driving force in higher education.”

Ben, the grandson of former Liberal councillor John Leslie Fearn, reflected on his experience of attending the 2012 Liberal Democrat in Gateshead.

He said: “I appreciated being part of the democratic process.

“I was able to vote on motions which would become party policy.”

He is currently the youngest member of the Liberal Democrats in the Derbyshire Dales.

As part of the meeting, chairman Sandra Fearn congratulated president Trevor Boam on his 50th year as a member of the party.