Supermarket sweep

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A lucky prize winner was given two minutes to pile their trolley up with as many groceries as they could.

First prize in Matlock Derwent Valley Lions Club’s annual Supermarket Dash, held in the Co–op, in Bakewell Road, was won by Liz Martin.

The contest was held to raise money for Rainbows Hospice.

The prize for second place was a hamper donated by the store and for third place was a seasonal flower arrangement donated by Robert Young Florists.

The club also gave away two children’s toys as a prize for fourth place.

Peter Smissen, president for the Matlock Derwent Valley Lions Club, said: “We are delighted to give our time for such a wonderful organisation as Rainbows Hospice, who care for youngsters from our area at their base in Leicestershire.

“I must thank all our prize sponsors for their generosity and in particular the Co-op store who have allowed us to run the event for many years.”