Support your local schools

Of course Highfields is a good school. So is Anthony Gell, Lady Manners and QEGS.

We are very fortunate to have such food schools in the Derbyshire Dales, and thanks are due to all the staff and the local authority.

The most important thing is a child’s life is it’s home, and if we do all we can to love and support them, they will do well wherever they go.

Ofsted inspectors are no doubt useful, but sadly they are now used in a damaging way to compare schools, and this starts even at nursery and playgroup level.

I am a great believer in sending your child to your local school, and then doing all you can to support and encourage that school.

Our young people have enough problems on the horizon to cope with when they leave school – they do no need discouragement now.

So cheer up Highfields, this is a storm in a tea cup.

I write not as any kind of educational expert, just a concerned granny who has seen and heard it all before.

Margaret Pearson