Swimming times reviewed at Arc

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Swimming sessions at Matlock’s new leisure centre have been reviewed following a flood of complaints from families.

Leisure bosses have agreed to change the time table at Arc Leisure Matlock – and next month a new swimming pool programme will be launched.

The state-of-the-art facility at the Dimple, opened its doors for the first time in August with over 11,000 visitors flocking to the centre in the first two weeks.

But management soon started to receive feedback about the swimming pool’s weekend timetables, with complaints that it was not family-friendly.

Mark Percival contacted the Mercury and said: “I’m fed up of the new leisure centre already.

“I went to take my little girl swimming on Sunday and was told it was over-50s only.

“Why is the pool being used exclusively for adults when families want to go swimming at the weekend?”

Mercury Facebook friends also complained about the timetable.

Colin Gilbert said: “Ridiculous stupid decision again from DDDC.

“Kids are at school all week but can only swim on a Saturday if they go to Chesterfield.”

The current timetable sees public swimming from 8am to 12noon, followed by splash fun from 12noon to 2pm, then private pool hire from 2pm until 5pm, on Saturday.

Sunday sees family splash from 8am to 12noon, adults only from 12noon until 1.30pm, then public swimming until 5pm and swimming club from 5pm until 9.30pm.

From the middle of next month public swimming will take place from 8am to 11.45am, then family splash until 4pm and private pool hite from 4pm until 7pm, on Saturdays.

On Sunday public swimming will take place from 8am to 10am, family splash until 2pm and public swimming from 2pm until 4.30pm.

A spokeswoman for Derbyshire Dales District Council said they had received a lot of feedback about the new pool and had responded to complaints by altering the timetable.

New fitness classes are also set to take place in the evenings, from the new year, following requests from customers.

She added: “As a public service we have got to try and balance everyone’s needs.

“It is a new facility and we are still trying to sort out all the issues and faults.”