Teen queen hit and run driver hunted

Hit and run victim Shannon Temperton
Hit and run victim Shannon Temperton

A 14–year–old girl is appealing for help in finding the driver who ran her over – and then drove off.

Shannon Temperton, who was this year’s Wirksworth Carnival queen, was crossing Derby Road, in Wirksworth, at 9.30pm on Monday, September 3, when she was hit by a car.

Shannon Temperton

Shannon Temperton

“I’d been out with some friends,” the teenager, of Jubilee Court, Wirksworth, recalled.

“I didn’t see a car when I was crossing the road. All I can remember is bright lights and a really noisy exhaust.”

The youngster blacked out, but when she came to she had struggled her way to Stafford Crescent while trying to get home.

Shannon, who attends Anthony Gell School, had also managed to contact her parents to tell them she had been hit by a car, which she can‘t remember doing.

Mum and Dad, Michelle and Stephen Temperton, rushed to find her as soon as they heard the news.

“I just went into autopilot,” Stephen remembered.

“Somebody said they did see her crawling along the pavement.”

Michelle added: “I was numb. Luckily one of my friends had heard her crying and came out to her.”

Shannon was taken by ambulance to Royal Derby Hospital.

She still can’t remember being interviewed by the police in hospital around two hours after the incident.

The teenager had to stay in hospital for two nights. Luckily doctors were unable to find any broken bones, however she is suffering from pain in her knees and has been struggling to walk.

Doctors told Shannon she may have to wear a neck brace for up to two weeks.

“How could you hit somebody and just drive away?” Michelle questioned.

Stephen continued: “They’re just scum aren’t they? It’s not right that they should be driving on the same roads that I’m driving on.”

The family hopes someone will come forward with information that may help them find the culprit.

“The doctors said she must have done some damage to the car,” Stephen said.

“Maybe there is a garage nearby that knows something, or a witness who hasn’t thought to come forward yet.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Derbyshire Police on 101.