Thank heavens

Matthew Quinn
Matthew Quinn

A VILLAGE pastor had a lucky escape after falling down a 12-foot waterfall.

Matthew Quinn, of Bonsall, said he feels ‘blessed’ and his lack of injuries have amazed doctors – following the dramatic fall at Lumsdale Valley, near Tansley.

Mr Quinn, 30, a Pastor at Bonsall Assemblies of God Church, was walking with a friend at the beauty spot on Friday.

He stopped to take photographs of the waterfall and slipped on wet moss which sent him hurtling over the edge on to rocks 12 feet below.

He said: “I landed in a really awkward place. It was too over-grown for the winch from the helicopter to reach me so mountain rescuers had to get a lot of different ropes and were all pulling at different times.

“There were at least 20 team members including paramedics, firemen and cave rescuers. It was a quite big job but they were very quick.”

Firefighters, air ambulance crews and mountain rescuers worked tirelessly for almost three hours to free Mr Quinn, who was lying wedged between rocks in running water.

Team members carried him on a stretcher down the narrow stepped path to the waiting ambulance at around 2pm.

He said: “I have broken a very small bone in my wrist and have got some bad bruises on my side but I had an x-ray down my spine and there aren’t any problems. The doctors are amazed that my injuries aren’t worse.

“They said they would have expected severe internal trauma and breaks after a fall like that.

“I’m up and walking around and although I can’t say I’m not in pain, considering what could have happened I feel very blessed.”

Mr Quinn, who also works at Bonsall Camp, which is operated by Christian Youth Foundation, said despite the accident he would still be visiting Lumsdale Valley in the future.

He added: “It is one of my favourite places to go and I visit it quite often. It’s not put me off.”

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