Thank you for sharing picture

My name is Christine Booth from the Netball team picture featured in the Matlock Mercury (January, 26, 2012).

I am now Christine Marsden married to Michael Marsden. We were both from the Matlock area, been married for 38 years. We moved to the United States in 1976. We live in Indiana about 50 miles south of Chicago near Lake Michigan.

We have two children, a son Jai, who also has a son Tyler. We have a daughter Melanie who has two children, Madelyn and Corrin.

We love our life over here, we are American citizens but still love our roots and family back in England.

My sister sends me some of Matlock Mercury clippings she thinks I might like to see and we also occasionally read some on line.

I have wonderful memories of England and growing up in Matlock and of course the Matlock Mercury, the netball picture brought back one of many great memories.

Thank you for sharing that and please feel free to share my email or Facebook page with anyone from the picture.

My husband and I are looking forward to a visit we have planned to Matlock and family in early April.

Chris Marsden