Thank you to Hulley’s man

I’ve always been impressed with Hulley’s obliging and helpful drivers.

May I now, through your pages, thank not only all of them for their good service and affability in what, with no ticket collector between them and the public, must at times be a taxing job, but say a special ‘thank you’ to driver Mark, who ventured from Bakewell all the way out to Hartington in the snow on Saturday evening.

Having ventured out that morning in clear weather, I was now sitting for four hours by the fire in the Cavendish Arms, waiting for the only bus back, as the snow steadily deepened and my chances of getting home to Youlgrave disappeared in conditions fit to discourage any attempt at bringing a bus out to Friden, on ungritted country roads and then down the long gradient off the A515 to Hartington.

At 4.48pm, as I stood in the bus shelter peering through the snowy night and thinking optimism daft, around the corner, bang on time, came the Hulley’s bus! In response to my astonishment that Mark had even attempted such a journey, he said simply ‘I thought you might be waiting there’.

That Mark had opted to take the full-size bus out into the snowy hills is amazing in itself, since there was no way of knowing the conditions or that anyone was stuck at Hartington. That he had decided to do so, just in case, says everything!

Jane Whitehead