The bond between sisters is strong

The relationship between sisters is often special but those featured on the front page of our paper this week had an especially close friendship.

Sadly, brave Jo Horobin has now died after years of fighting kidney disease but her sister is determined to keep her memory alive with the launch of a new charity Jo’s Dreams.

It is no easy task to run a charity and even harder if you are one of the main people raising the funds for it.

And this isn’t the first time Denise has been involved in fundraising.

While her sister was still alive and battling against her illness Denise was out there doing sponsored runs and drawing attention to charities which could help Jo.

Denise and her late sister should be an inspiration to us all.

Let’s hope that the Whitworth Park sponsored walk on Sunday gets the new charity off to a flying start and that Denise and her family can start to help others suffering from kidney disease just as Jo dreamed.

Why not pop along and join the family as they celebrate the life and dreams of Joanne Horobin?

Amanda Hatfield, editor