The market is ideal for Lido

I have just read David Barker’s comment (letters page, Matlock Mercury, May 3) regarding a new market site and fully agree with the description of the existing market hall as cold, drafty, dull and miserable; may I suggest the further description of ‘ill considered’.

I would suggest however, that instead of reducing the site by half in order to create a retail unit it would be much better to change the whole of it into such a unit for leasing to a business.

This may mean of course that the costs of the lease would have to be set at a sensible and affordable level, which does not seem to be the norm for Matlock from the reports in the Mercury of traders’ comments in the past.

I would suggest that rather than the land in front of the town hall, a better site for the open air market would be the old lido site, which could also be used for car parking on days when not used for said market, with a little imagination, could perhaps be made attractive with imaginative planting of trees and shrubs.

Perhaps such a scheme would encourage more people to by the proposed new housing in Cawdor Quarry, attract new small businesses to the area and generally help to improve the town as a whole.