The narrow road to the past

Northwood Lane
Northwood Lane

It’s amazing how quickly the world around us changes.

Images from a few years ago now seem to belong to a whole different world.

Northwood Lane

Northwood Lane

This week’s Memory Lane takes us back in time to a place that definitely feels like a bygone age.

These pictures were sent in to us by Mercury reader Derek Parkey who said: “These photos are of Northwood Lane Darley Dale, before the houses were built. The widening was in progress when these photos were taken, the only house you can see is still there and is opposite The Avenue on Northwood Lane.”

Derek added: “I received these photos from a friend of mine Raymond Watts (now deceased) he was a builder and lived in Northwood Lane.

“He told me that these photos were taken at the time Northwood Lane was being widened in preparation for the start of house building on Northwood Lane.”

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