‘The public has a right to know’

Cllr David Jones
Cllr David Jones

Town leaders being consulted on the future of a Matlock development have said: “The public has a right to know what is going on.”

Matlock Town Council has sent a letter to Derbyshire Dales District Council calling for more transparency in relation to the land off Bakewell Road.

The district council is reviewing six different bids from developers but will not confirm the nature of any of them due to commercial sensitivity.

In 2008 a public consultation was undertaken in relation to the Bakewell Road site.

As a result of this the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was created – outlining the priorities for Matlock people over the next ten to 15 years.

Having seen an overview of each of the six bids, town councillor David Jones believes that none of the proposals keep the aims in the SPD.

Spurred on by his concern for the future of the town, he has written a letter to the Matlock Mercury which is on page 8.

He explained: “Matlock Town Council was pretty uncomfortable with the notion that there is going to be no consultation with the public on the development.

“The bids that are on the table don’t match the SPD.

“Lots of people in Matlock hoped the planning document would steer the development along in the right direction.”

He said the nature of the bids varied considerably from small to large retail units, hotels, riverside developments and car parking.

“Some include Imperial Road, some don’t,” Cllr Jones said.

“There’s a big big difference between them.”

He said that whatever ends up being built in Matlock will be there for a long time, therefore to prevent something that people won’t want being developed they should be able to have their say on it now.

Cllr Jones said that far from wishing to back the council into a corner about the issue, he wished to open debate with them.

A spokesman for the district council said: “It is absolute nonsense to suggest there will be no further public consultation on this important matter.”

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