The sooner the better for faster broadband

Plans to bring super–fast broadband to the Dales could not come soon enough –according to residents.

Derbyshire County Council is investing at least £14.78million into broadband improvements by 2015 as part of its Digital Derbyshire campaign.

The authority has now launched a new information pack to promote the work they are undertaking.

Slow broadband speeds have been an issue for a long time.

Dales resident, Stephen Paul Shantz, commented: “Even when paying for the fastest it’s still slow.

“I wish the council would get a fast fiber connection and put a 4G mast out so we could rent some of the broadband we’re paying our council to have.”

Jonathan Shepherd added: “It seems to depend who you’re broadband is with and where you are.

“At home in Matlock Bath I have Sky, which has a truly awful download speed of 2.8mbps and upload of 0.3mbps. My daughter in Matlock is with Sky and has download of 16.32 and upload of 0.98.”

The new information packs include background information on the Digital Derbyshire programme, a guide to breakdown internet jargon, and case studies of residents and businesses who have benefitted from superfast broadband.

Cllr Kevin Parkinson, cabinet member for regeneration, said: “We’ve made it one of our top priorities to deliver better broadband for Derbyshire because modern everyday life is increasingly dependent on it.”

Copies of the Digital Derbyshire information pack are available from all Derbyshire County Council libraries, children’s centres and adult education centres.

An electronic version can be downloaded from the Digital Derbyshire microsite at