Therapy farming sessions

PEOPLE recovering from mental health problems, stroke victims and those with learning disabilities are just a few who could benefit from a unique form of therapy – care farming.

Over the past year, NHS Derbyshire County has been working with The Farming Life Centre to encourage more farmers to offer the therapy – which involves day activities on farms for those with health or social care needs.

To kick-start interest, the Centre has worked with four farms in the area, two of which – Holly House Farm and Flagg Garden Farm – are in Matlock.

Now the team wants even more farmers to follow in their footsteps and help needy people while earning some extra money.

Julia Cook, manager at The Farming Life Centre, said: “Caring for animals and the land is a natural and effective way for vulnerable people to improve self-confidence and well-being.

“The experience is not only wonderful for participants, but it’s a rewarding way for farmers to bring in additional income ”

For more information contact Julia Cook 01298 85162.