There are few like Coco.

None, in fact. She is one apart in both spirit and heart. Her creator picked her out for special attention; sculpted each hair, each tooth, shaped each crease in her smile - it's the only way to explain her novel brilliance. Take a moment and read why. Click on the link above to see more pictures of Coco.

Friday, 5th October 2018, 12:28 pm
Updated Friday, 5th October 2018, 12:33 pm
Coco - full of beans

At just over five years old, Coco is in her prime, and acts every bit of it. She is stocky and broad, with a powerful stride. The contours along her back are like the rippled surface of water, gently and gracefully rolling as she moves with purpose and intent. She has the leap of a terrier and heart of a lion. Life is there to be lived, and live it she shall.

She is a boxer-cross - though can pass for a shrunken Dogue de Bordeaux from the right angles - and acts precisely as you would expect from one. A little light on brains but full of beans. A heart that swells with love, a room-filling, world-shaping love. She adores being with people and makes no attempt to hide it. Her beaming smile is a dead giveaway. She thrives on cuddles, play and affection. Any potential owner will need to be able to offer her plenty of time left aside purely for the purposes of cuddles and closeness. Coco would love that.

As has been suggested, Coco is a very active girl and will need a similarly active owner - particularly one who is able to handle a dog who is quite strong on lead and is very forthright in sharing how happy she is to see you - usually with oodles of kisses. Her new owner will need to give her plenty of physical stimulation. However, due to an incident prior to going to the centre, she can be quite anxious around other dogs and will need some help to get used to being around them.

She is not like any other dog, not really. At least not any that the centre has ever met. Everything is full-on with her, everything is exciting and worthy of amazement. She sees the world in a gamut of colour, the extent of which can barely be conceived, and she needs a home which can allow her to share it. To show those closest to her just how incredibly joyful life can be, how special each drop of rain or blade of grass really is. To see life through Coco’s eyes must be a remarkable thing.

Due to her size and propensity for bouncing, Coco would be best placed with children of secondary school-age and above and, as mentioned, will need quite an active and robust owner. If you take a chance on her, you will never regret it, not for a second. Amazing Coco. Remarkable Coco. Brilliant Coco. Just Coco.

If you are interested in her then get in touch on 01246 273358. She is worthy of the attention, and that’s a promise!
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