There are lots of worse routes

Being a motorist first and a cyclist second, I read with great interest Cycle Route Is A Safety Issue, (Mercury Letters, Thursday, March 1), by Darley Bridge resident Mr Geoff Gee.

I’ve regularly cycled along the Gated Road coming out near the entrance to Water’s Transport on Darley Bridge and have found the right hand turn manoeuvre extremely simple, straightforward and safe as any junction. Obviously at certain times of the day it can be tricky, with lorries coming and going. But from what I’ve seen, the drivers of Water’s Transport are fully aware of both cyclists and public, as they’ve had to negotiate the tight roads for many years. Yes, you have to look and listen, granted some don’t, but there are far worse places to cycle and walk in.

Any cyclist that uses the main roads, and plenty do for either pleasure or necessity, recognise that turning right across a busy carriageway can be fraught with danger and the A6 offers far worse situations than Mr Gee is highlighting. And judging by the length of his letter I’m guessing he is saddled with other issues, and basically doesn’t want the proposed cycle route to happen.

The bigger picture is that it could boost tourism in Derbyshire Dales, possibly even create some form of employment, which let’s be honest, is something we desperately need as most manufacturing outlets that we once had, have gone flat.

Whilst Mr Gee is entitled to his opinion, I feel there are far worse cycling scenarios to deal with and it seems like he’s letting his imagination peddle away with itself.

Mr Roy Goodall