There is no drought here

Since it is announced that the East Midlands was on drought status, it hasn’t stopped raining. We have already had more rain this month than in the whole of January (90mm) and we are only half way through.

I woke up on Monday morning to the phone ringing and a fishermen who had paid to fish in June (and had heard the announcement) wondering if there would be enough water when he came. The water could be heard crashing over the weir below the house and he was only reassured when I held the phone up so he could hear for himself.

The front page of the newspaper showed a ‘dry river bed on the Lathkill’ but what it actually showed was plenty of water coming into a dam, which had not be refilled (by closing the sluice gate) after the winter clear out.

The rivers are all in excellent condition after the last two years and it looks like the old adage, that you only ever have two dry years together in any decade is still true.

W. G. M Slaney

Head River Keeper

Haddon Estate