There was no banner waving from protesters

I read with interest the article in the Matlock Mercury last week which featured the on-going question of the proposed housing developments in the Dales area. The Councillors in question were objecting to further building of houses in Darley Dale.

Whilst I sympathise with the Darley Dale residents I felt it necessary to write to say that the comments regarding the campaigners for Asker Lane were pure fabrication, there was no ‘banner waving’ and they did not cause any disruption of council meetings and I’m sure that the councillors made their decision based on the facts presented and not as a fight to keep their jobs as suggested. This area is important to local residents as a much needed recreation area, and is also a place of outstanding beauty and a sanctuary for wildlife. The fields are an important open space that is used daily by many Matlock residents and has been for many years, and in fact the Derbyshire wildlife trust put forward in the agenda that building on the entire site would have significant impact on the wildlife.

Maybe rather than casting accusations at the District Councillors about why they voted this way (against building on the Asker Lane Fields – Priority 4), the two councillors mentioned should be asking the local planning office to look again at the ratio of greenfield to brownfield for this area and to review whether there is any need at all for this level of housing in the Dales, be it Darley Dale, Matlock or any other the towns in the local plan.

Sandra Owen