Thief is just despicable

It isn’t very often that I feel compelled to write to the Press but, after reading the story about the despicable person who stole the fake fur coat from the MIND Charity Shop, I decided to put pen to paper.

Upon reading through last week’s Matlock Mercury, there was a heart warming story on the front page about a young girl who is doing a sky dive in memory of her mother, who had mental health problems. The girl is splitting the sponsorship money between Save the Children and MIND, both in my view very deserving causes. Shortly before Christmas I had donated some clothing that I no longer wear to the MIND charity shop on Firs Parade.

I then went on to read an article about a spate of thefts from charity shops in Matlock, only to find that the Paul Costelloe fake fur coat that I had donated to the MIND charity shop had been stolen! I donated this coat (and other items) to the shop when I cleared out my wardrobe following treatment for breast cancer, as there were items that I was either unable to wear or wouldn’t wear again. I wanted a charity to benefit but now find that the most expensive item I donated has probably gone to fund someone’s drug habit!

I have visited the shop and discussed the incident with Angie, the manager, assuring her that this will not stop me donating in the future. She actually apologised to me for the coat having been stolen, which was totally unnecessary, as it was not her’s nor her staff’s fault that some ‘people’ feel it is okay to take things that do not belong to them. Plus the fact that it was stolen from a charity shop makes it even more deplorable. I really don’t know how these criminals sleep at night.

I hope that the thief who took the coat has an attack of conscience and returns the item, but I somehow doubt it. I am just glad that there are still some good people in the world like young Hannah Scott.

Anji Potter

By email