Think again on Lido plans

I read with some surprise the Derbyshire Dales Council’s proposal to demolish the old Lido and turn it into a car park for 75 vehicles.

The article left me asking whether Matlock needs another car park when existing car parks at the station and on the roof of the Co-op are, in my experience, very rarely full; indeed, following the demise of Somerfield, the Co-op car park is often less than a third full. Whilst there has been a lot of criticism that the station car park is too far away from the town centre, the same cannot be said of the one on the roof of the Co-op, which provides a lift so enabling people with children or disabilities to gain access to Bakewell Road and the town centre.

A suggestion that the proposed car park would only be a temporary arrangement begs the question “How long is temporary?” Once actions have been taken and a car park provided how can it be closed if, as is said in the proposal, there is a perceived need.

I think that the council should think again about the proposal and come up with something more positive and constructive that will enhance the town.

Ian Sutton