Thousands more new homes for the Derbyshire Dales

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At least 2,000 new homes will have to be built in the Dales, a Government inspector has ordered.

The shock decision means that Derbyshire Dales District Council has been forced to scrap its local plan, after Government Planning Inspector Keith Holland said the authority’s estimated 4,400 new homes by 2028 was 2,000 short of what is needed.

This means the number of new homes to be built is likely to be far in excess of the 2,000 quoted – as the council has not built anywhere near the 4,400 it predicted.

We are currently waiting on an exact figure from the authority on how many homes must now be built by 2028.

Council Leader, Cllr Lewis Rose OBE, said national policy was demanding a “radical solution” to meeting the housing needs of the country.

“While we totally understand our residents’ desire to protect, as far as possible, greenfield sites from development, we now have no choice but to re-submit a plan that satisfies Government policy,” said Cllr Rose.

He added: “We are under no illusions that the outcome will undoubtedly displease some of our residents, but we are in the unenviable position of trying to reconcile the strongly held views of local people with a pro-growth national planning policy framework.

“I can assure the communities of the Derbyshire Dales however that any decisions to allocate further land for development will only be taken following full public consultation.”

Mr Holland carried out his two-day inspection at the end of July and the district council revealed it was scrapping the current local plan last week.

Now the District Council says it is to look again at the plan and invite local people to submit suggestions of potential housing sites that have so far not been investigated.

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