Thousands of Peak homes affected by power cuts

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As the cold weather continues, an electricity company is working to restore full power to thousands of homes in the Peak District.

Around 9,000 homes throughout the Peak District have been subject to numerous brief power cuts as the result of snow and wind.

Stella Hayward, a spokesman for Western Power Distribution, said: “We had a lot of problems down to the high winds overnight and the snow.

“We had problems with wind born debris coming into contact with the overhead lines and snow causing them to snap.”

She said a number of power lines had snapped, however workers were struggling to get to the areas affected due to the snow.

“We brought in some extra staff and 4 x 4s to help get them out and about to the problem areas,” Stella continued.

She said once the snow has subsided the power company will be able to use a helicopter to pinpoint all the problem areas.