Time to reward unsung heroes

THERE may be doom and gloom all around us at the moment but that is no reason not to celebrate everything that is great about our community.

When times are hard then those who put that little extra into their lives by helping others come into their own.

And this week the Mercury is launching its annual appeal for you to nominate your local heroes.

We want to pay tribute to the people out there who may normally go unrewarded for the little things they do to make the life of someone else that bit more special.

Our award ceremony is not a huge glamorous affair with a big screen, celebrities and loud music, but nonetheless it is an important community event and one which we are very proud to be behind.

We see it as our role to provide you with an opportunity to say thank you to the modest amongst us and give them a chance to take centre stage for a few moments and appreciate how much we value them.

So if you know someone who deserves this recognition for their good deeds – however small let us know. The details are on the front page if you haven’t read them already.

Amanda Hatfield, editor