Toast to newsagent

ONE newsagents is brewing up a storm by stocking the largest range of specialist real ales on offer in Matlock.

Mark Beesley, of Armitt News, began stocking Thornbridge ales last year and following this success, now sells and extensive range of beer to meet the demands of his customers.

Mark said: “After a while people started coming in the shop and recommending ales for me to stock.

“My policy is always that if I can find it – I’ll stock it.”

Mark has been learning about real ale as he goes along and has been faced with the laborious task of visiting beer festivals and building contacts with brewers.

However, Mark does try and fill his shelves with ale from local breweries.

Mark said: “The range is such a big seller and it’s lovely that it’s local.

“There’s no off license that sells this range of beers in Matlock, though, and I think that’s the secret of this being such a huge success.”