Too few of us to object

As a resident of Quarry Lane I agree with Councillors Cartwright and Ratcliffe regarding developing greenfield sites (Mercury letters, January 31).

As stated, the only reason for upgrading Bentley Bridge fields was that there are too few of us to object.

Bentley Bridge site (MAT4) is in open countryside not surrounded by houses, on land set aside for Highfields School sports fields and, as it stretches right up to the pinewoods, will be very prominent to all coming in and out of Matlock on Chesterfield Road.

Also the access will be close to the Lumsdale entrance to Highfield School. Permission was refused in 1980 due to the access not being considered suitable and development on this site was considered to be detrimental to the attractive open rural aspect of the area. The only change to this criteria being increased traffic.

But the greatest irony is this site is just not necessary. If the Council had considered allowing small scale development in villages to provide housing for young residents, large out of scale estates like this would not have been needed.

Plus if they had further investigated the Halldale Quarry site maybe more houses could have been accommodated there and greenfield sites could have been saved.

Keith Brown