Top award for caring Marion

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A great-grandmother who has devoted her life to her children – particularly her disabled son – has won a prestigious award.

Marion Hill’s commitment and understanding of her son, Andrew, 49, was recognised in the East Midlands regional finals of the Great British Care Awards.

Marion, 85, of Stonebroom, impressed the judges for her unstinting support of Andrew, who lived at home until he was 42-years-old before he moved into a care home in Morton Grange.

Marion said: “I did not know anything about the award until the last minute. I was completely overwhelmed to be recognised as a carer. I had an amazing evening and felt really spoiled by everyone.” Marion is well-known in the Stonebroom area as is the whole family. Her late husband, Thurlow, was a coal miner as were many of her seven sons until the mines closed down. She had ten children and also cared for a daughter, Marilyn, who was born with spina bifida and sadly died aged just three months.

Today Marion has 22 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, including two sets of twins. Daughter Margaret Kimber said: “Our mum is an inspiration. She’s cared for all of us as well as Andrew and she’s still caring now. She’s modern, she wears modern clothes, she drives, she gets her nails and hair done. We’re so proud of her.”