Tory Patrick’s ‘leftie’ revelation

Derbyshire Dales’ Tory MP Patrick McLoughlin has revealed that he is actually a leftie - which caused him to struggle at school.

The politician welcomed news that the Government is to provide extra help for left-handed pupils, and explained how being left-handed himself had hampered his school days.

He said: “I am left handed. School was a real struggle, and my handwriting is still terrible.

“Yet there are easy techniques available to help left handed children learn write properly which gives them a more positive experience at school.

“Teachers need training in these methods, and putting this in the curriculum ensures that will happen.

“Even today, with our computers and so on, poor handwriting can still be embarrassing and a disadvantage in everyday life, so this is good news for left handed children.”

Mr McLoughlin was speaking after the announcement of the Government’s new National Curriculum for primary and first schools, which aims to ensure left-handed pupils receive the help they need.

The Minister for Schools, Nick Gibb, said: “The Government understands that left-handed pupils have particular needs.

“Paragraph 38 of our draft Programmes of Study, which includes English, makes it clear that teachers should ensure that left-handed pupils receive specific teaching to meet those needs.”