Tourism centre plan refused by council

An application for a multi–million pound tourist attraction has been refused on the grounds that it would be detrimental to the character of the countryside.

C W Sellors jewellers submitted the application to Derbyshire Dales District Council for the Jewellery Design Centre of Excellence at Carsington Water.

The Dales firm proposed moving its workshop from its current position in Ashbourne to the reservoir and creating retail and educational space, as well as a tea room and auditorium, believing it would boost tourism and the economy.

In a report to the district council’s southern area planning committee however, an offer recommended the application was refused.

“The proposal to create a jewellery design centre on a greenfield site in an open countryside location remote from settlements and poorly serviced by public transport is inherently unsustainable and would result in unwarranted encroachment into the countryside detrimental to its character and appearance,” the report stated.

The officer went on to say: “The site is of significant scale and lies within a location of known archaeological interest. The application is not accompanied by any survey information or analysis to allow an evaluation of the presence or absence or important archaeology.

“Without such an analysis the applicants have failed to demonstrate that the development will adequately safeguard archaeology.”

The majority of members voted against the planning application based on the officer’s recommendations.

Chris Sellors, founder of CW Sellors, said: “With our focus very much on re-application of the plans we hope the importance of keeping British manufacturing alive and skilled job creation within the local area, along with hopefully getting further chance to explain to all who have an interest in the reasons behind our proposed Carsington location, will help us grow the positive groundswell of support.”

C W Sellors was named one of the five fastest growing firms in Derbyshire in the Grant Thornton/CBI 2013 business reports.