Town council to have new faces

TWO of Matlock´s most prominent councillors lost their seats at last week´s elections.

Former mayor, Cllr Ann Elliott and Cllr Jackie Power were not re-elected on to Matlock Town Council.

Both councillors had left the Liberal Democrat party to become Independent councillors in April.

Cllr Elliott lost her North of Jackson Road Ward seat, while Tory council stalwart Geoffrey Stevens was elected.

She said: "I am very disappointed that I cant carry on with the job I started.

"With a non-political vote of 215 and 413 in the district elections, I am very pleased with this personally and would like to thank everyone who voted for me."

Cllr Power lost her seat on Dimple Road East Ward.

New councillors in this ward are Leslie Bradbury and Susan Burfoot.

Another new face is John Hopkinson for Matlock Green Ward.

Cllrs Sheila Burton and Jean Henshaw both retired from the council.

Mayor, Cllr Barrie Tipping, who finishes his term in office on Monday, said: "There has been a six per cent swing to the Conservatives and the majority of the council is liberal.

"It would have been far better to get a wider representation."

On his year as mayor, he said: "My wife Diana and myself have had a wonderful year. We have spread the word of Matlock far and wide which hasnt happened for quite a while."

He added: "Its been quite a difficult year because of in-fighting in the Liberal party, which has soured my year, but putting it aside, we had a wonderful celebration of the Queens Jubilee with a party in the town."

Cllr Tipping said: "We need to get the basics right. Matlock has a great future if we get the council and the people interested."

He views serving the local authority as a long term initiative.

He said he soon hopes to see the start of the Lido project, the Cawdor Quarry development and the town centre regeneration.

Elected candidates are: Dimple Road East Ward - Leslie Bradbury, Susan Burfoot; North of Jackson Road Ward - Martyn Moss, Geoffrey Stevens; Dimple Road West Ward - David Barker, Martin Burfoot; Chesterfield Road East Ward - Barrie Tipping; Hurst Farm Ward - Stephen Flitter, Ursula Lunn; Matlock Green Ward - John Hopkinson; Riber and Starkholmes Ward - Anthony Rosser.Fresh start in Darley Dale

DARLEY Dale Town Council has experienced dramatic changes to its councillors at the elections.

Eight new councillors have joined the 12-strong council, seven of whom are from Fresh Start.

Fresh Start chairman John Evans said: "We were delighted with the result.

"The residents of Darley Dale had obviously had enough of the old council and have shown their massive support for a new team."

He said members of the group met about 18 months ago when they attended a public inquiry over the town councils proposal to build a shopping centre in front of DFS.

He said: "We wanted something new for Darley Dale and wanted it to be recognised that we are a group."

He said they have a nine-point plan, which includes the intention to maintain the green corridor between Darley Dale and Matlock.

John said: "The group is looking to bringing a fresh, professional approach to the management of the Darley Dale Town Council."

Darley Dale Mayor, Cllr Lewis Jackson said: "If they all work as hard for the community as the other councillors, I will be a very happy man."

He added: "I am looking forward to the opportunity for them to prove themselves in what promises to be a new and exciting council."

Fresh Start candidates elected for the Darley Dale north ward are John Evans, Sarah Bennett, Alan Cox, John Cremin, Stephen Hibbard, and Rowena Smith.

Mayor Lewis Jackson was the only existing councillor in north ward to be re-elected.

Those who lost their seats in north ward are Shirley Davison, Sandra Doyles, Jim McCann and Iris Wagstaffe. Darley Dale South seats were not contested.

Appointed councillors are Anthony Brookes from Fresh Start, Richard Johnson and existing councillors Terry Kilburn, Kenneth Lescure and Jennifer Taylor.

The inaugural meeting of the new council will be on Thursday May 15.Farewell to Pam

LONG-SERVING councillors have retired from Bakewell Town Council.

Pamela Crump, who spent the last year serving Bakewell as mayor, retired on May 4 after 12 years of service.

She said: "Were a good community and I hope I did the best for them."

"Unfortunately town councils have very little power nowadays and I am sorry we couldnt do as much for the town as we would like in supporting them with their problems."

Anne Dudley, former mayor and a Bakewell town councillor for 20 years also retired on May 4.A mixed turnout for vote

TURNOUT in the district elections ranged from 24 to 52 percent across the Derbyshire Dales Wards.

Elected councillors by ward are as follows.

Litton and Longstone - Robert Otter, Conservative. Uncontested.

Masson - Nicholas Elliott and John March, both Labour. Turnout 33.2 per cent.

Matlock All Saints - David Barker and Martin Burfoot, both Liberal Democrat. Turnout 43.2 per cent.

Matlock St Giles - Anthony Allwood, Stephen Flitter and Ursula Lunn, all Liberal Democrat. Turnout 41.8 per cent.

Norbury - Kenneth Charles, Conservative. Uncontested.

Tideswell - Tracy Critchlow, Conservative. Turnout 38 per cent.

Winster and South Darley - Raymond Dring, Liberal Democrat. Turnout 52 per cent.

Wirksworth - Irene Ratcliffe, James Ratcliffe and Peter Slack, all Labour. Turnout 31.2 per cent.

Ashbourne North - Frederick Elliot and Anthony Millward, both Conservative. Uncontested.

Ashbourne South - Alan Hodkinson and Andrew Lewer, both Conservative. Turnout 24 per cent.

Bakewell - John Pearce, Judith Twigg and Carol Walker, all Conservative. Turnout 46.4 per cent.

Bradwell - Janet Goodison, Conservative. Uncontested.

Calver - Catherine Hunt, Conservative. Turnout 49.5 per cent.

Carsington Water - Lewis Rose, Conservative. Turnout 40.2 per cent.

Chatsworth - Michael longden, Conservative. Uncontested.

Clifton and Bradley - Ian Bates, Conservative. Uncontested.

Darley Dale - David Burton, David Fearn and Sandra Fearn, all Liberal Democrat. Turnout 37.8 per cent.

Turnout 46 per cent.

Hartington and Taddington - David Chapman, Conservative. Turnout 38 per cent.

Hathersage and Eyam - Jacqueline Bevan and David Hoskin, both Conservative. Uncontested.

Hulland - Jennifer Radford, Conservative. Uncontested.Tories hold on to power

THE CONSERVATIVE Party has maintained its majority in the Amber Valley Borough Council Elections.

Labour gained seats from the Conservative Party in Heage and Ambergate and Ripley and Marehay wards, while losing Labour controlled Ripley to the Conservative Party.

Results by ward are as follows:

Alfreton - Gillian Golman, Labour.

Alport - Deborah Biss, Conservative.

Belper Central - Peter Makin, Conservative.

Belper East - Leslie Dorey, Conservative.

Belper North - Simon Hitchcock, Conservative.

Belper South - Peter Arnold, Conservative.

Crich - Glyn Hartshorne, Conservative.

Duffield - Anthony Woodings, Conservative.

Heage and Ambergate - Maurice Gent, Labour.

Kilburn, Denby and Holbrook - Albert Hall, Conservative.

Ripley - Kathleen Brown, Conservative.

Ripley and Marehay - Geoffrey Carlile, Labour.

South West Parishes - John Cunningham, Conservative.

Swanwick - Stephen Hayes, Conservative.

Wingfield - Valerie Thorpe, Conservative.