Town needs a good scrub up


The arrival of the spring and summer months will very soon bring to us the colourful delights of ‘Matlock in Bloom,’ which will enhance our pleasure as we take our usual walk along the Hall Leys Park.

This year will see the centenary celebrations of the park and I consider the idea that organisations could bring and exchange flowers and shrubs is very well thought out.

However, I would like to draw attention to the words of Tottie Holden, (Matlock Mercury, March 31), that Matlock in Bloom is not just about pretty gardens and hanging baskets “here, here”, and they would like to know about untidy areas anywhere in the town.

One should not have the need to point out the continuing disgrace and downright insult to the general public and tourists, also the hard working people who are dedicated to maintaining the attractiveness of the park, and that is the squalor which festers behind the facade of the public toilet block.

It will take more than a few hanging baskets to quell the stink that is “hanging” around there, and still we wait for a clean and hygienic convenience where we can answer the call of nature.

Election rhetoric has started to find its way through my letterbox and the prospective candidates will soon be out in force again, reciting their promises on every doorstep in town and I will tell them now that a tidy up would not go amiss in the centre of Crown Square.

Where is the crown?

Put it back, there will be plenty of space around it for a profusion of flora.

It should not have been disturbed in the first place.

I think it shows a lack of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, it is an affront to the values and pride of our town.

Could it be that it is still undergoing a “buffing up”, by councillor Barry Tipping’s yellow duster?

A few years ago he had a “vision” for Matlock when he said it is a jewel, it just needs a good polish.

If you ask me, the district council has been polishing over the muck for years, after just one sniff around those toilets a good scrub would be more applicable, oh yes, this reality which very often takes a bite and the wounds in this town have been stitched up far too many times.

To me, this in itself reflects their inability to connect with the general public, one might say, why then do I not have my say at one of the occasional public meetings, well I prefer to express my opinions within the democratic advantages of being listened to, and according to what people say who have attended some of those meetings, it is alleged that no-one gets a chance because the councillors shout them down, and it would be reassuring if only for once they would respond to the criticisms that are often contained in some of your readers’ letters. Where is the backbone?

What Matlock needs is a new team to restore the ever diminishing “sparkle” that it so rightly deserves.

Throw out the dead wood and replant and we will then see the green shoots of a new, very fragrant “Matlock in Bloom”.

Dorothy Corker

The Shortlands