Town needs to change

A confused letter was written in the Matlock Mercury by the retired Wirksworth Doctor, Jill Rapoport.

The letter was confused because as well as asking questions it also provided solutions to the questions being asked.

The letter asked what kind of town do our families need (real values) and what kind of town do our families want (sensate values).

It all depends on how we view the families in Wirksworth.

If we think that our families are good enough and that their lives are full of meaning, then we should lean towards the real values, and support them when they get stuck. If we think that our families are not good enough, then we should urge them to make an effort to become that which we regard as being more noble. We should lean towards the sensate values.

Some of Wirksworth’s good shop keepers (April Wilkinson - The Old Bakehouse, John Hollingsworth - butcher, and M.B. Greatorex - cake shop and tea room) came forward and said that they could support the families of Wirksworth (real values).

The usual superficial letters also came forward comparing Wirksworth to other places that had been seen (Matlock, Bakewell and Ashbourne). There was even a letter comparing our farmers’ market to the Olympic Games (an amazing sensate value).

Wirksworth must adapt to change otherwise we will get left behind, but our leaders must have great humility and not one eye on the history books.

The families of Wirksworth are not to be used.

Nationally, we have a slightly mad situation where our millionaire leaders are telling us that we have been greedy. What an amazing cheek they have, and another amazing sensate value.