Town needs to move forward

Now that the colder air is pushing in, we are preparing for the ‘arctic blasts’ when the long winter momths ahead will present a challenge to us all, how are we going to keep ourselves warm?

I know one thing, a couple of pairs of long woolly socks will hold precedence on the list of wise buys during my next out of town shopping trip, also I have noticed that the sustainability of my thermal comforts is in need of replenishment - these requirements do not appear to be available in Matlock anymore.

Although I enjoy my little bus journeys, I would much prefer being able to acquire these items in my local shops, and doesn’t this prove how practical and beneficial it would be to have shopping market.

There has never been a more open opportunity than now for those who sit in the upper echelons of power and who purport to be serving the people in this town to remove their ear plugs and listen to us for a change.

They can propel as much inarticulate and rhetorical clap trap through my letterbox as they like, all that represents is total futility. This is my home town and up until approximately 30 years ago I know what made it tick. Yes, it was the open air market, whatever one needed they could find it there and that included community spirit and laughter, we were not only customers we were friends, and that is the perfect ingredient for a welcoming and thriving town.

Superstores,, I hear people say, have more choice. I say, we had plenty of it then, and look at the Matlock of today, concrete and stone has almost obliterated its old fashioned character and values.

There will be a large area of space to be filled when the lido is demolished and it must not be the pockets of the money grabbers, the fat cats need to be slimmed down.

We all know that they will already be queuing up, whiskers trimmed and smacking their lips to be the first to skim off all the cream.

Therefore, a new vibrant market should be given serious consideration, give fairness and equality back and revive memories of long past.

What about the few hard working traders who are trying to earn a decent living in that dump which fails as a local market? Shame on the District Council.

I would like to refer back to a letter (Matlock Mercury, December 10, 2009) in which Cllr David Barker, said it is more or less dead and the environment there is cold and miserable, also in the same letter a trader for many years stated his frustration at its decline because of lack of support from the council.

Well here we are almost two years later, no progress having been made and these councillors will be well aware of this.

So come on you lot, stop playing to the gallery, your environment will be far from cold and miserable.

We want action not anaemic opinions, otherwise you could all be ejected, lock stock and barrel from your cosy seats on the gravy train, when it arrives at the next station and consigned to a less comfortable position on the seat of your bikes.

The general public have been given a rough ride for years while Matlock councillors have been cushioned by red tape, bureaucracy and officialism, new blood needs to be pumped into the vascular system of this town.

If my home truths have rattled the cage of the hand shaking “we’re alright Jack” brigade, ‘tough’ they need a good jolt. The public have been asking for a new market for years, but that issue continues to be sidelined, and now we are being asked to support our local shops.

Speaking for myself, I certainly would if they had more to offer in the way of necessities.

I can think of several that are full of worthless tat, and this is why this town has relinquished its trade to their high street stores they have which we have lost.

Magnetism and presentation it is the responsibility of our local councillors to promote trade, we have turned the clocks back now, but will we be moving forward with them come springtime – I am not hedging any bets.

Dorothy Corker