Traders are doing it for themselves

Well done to this week’s community hero Danielle Barker who has spurred her retail peers into action in Matlock.

With postings on Facebook, the Dale Road jeweller has organised a meeting of traders and encouraged a great turnout.

The group immediately came up with some fresh ideas which could help save the town centre and ultimately their businesses.

The Mercury will be backing them all the way with as much publicity as they want as part of our ongoing Staying Alive campaign and we urge all our readers to give them a chance and try shopping locally instead of heading out to the major towns and cities.

Danielle was inspired to take action by retail guru Mary Portas, whose recent report for the government said market towns were in danger of dying altogether unless changes were made.

Major changes will always need the support of the local authorities but if the traders themselves can take steps like those suggested by this new group then there is hope.

If they have as many good ideas at the next few meetings as they did on Monday evening it can only be great news for the town.

Amanda Hatfield, editor