Traffic lights causing congestion chaos

A motorist is frustrated with traffic lights at a busy junction which he says are causing chaos to drivers.

Keith Furnival, of Wirksworth, said in the last few weeks the lights at the junction of Cromford Hill and Derby Road seem to have been changing with increased frequency, causing long traffic jams.

The 64-year-old said he takes his wife to work at Masson Mills every day at 10.30am, which he has done for the past year, but in recent weeks the queues for the lights have been excessive.

“You expect traffic delays at 8am or 9am, but not at mid-morning,” he commented.

Mr Furnival said he has seen lorries coming down Via Gellia blocking both carriageways on Cromford Hill because they are stuck in a queue for the lights.

He added that even when the lights do turn green, they are often so fleeting they have turned red again before the traffic has had a chance to move on.

He said the problem was the same on the journey home from Masson Mills, as cars turning from Derby Road onto Cromford Hill often get stuck in a queue.

Mr Furnival commented: “If you’re on it every day it’s chaotic.

“It’s always been bad with traffic around there but just lately you get so frustrated.”

He suggested that more restrictions needed to be put in place to prevent motorists from being able to stop in front of the junction where Via Gellia joins Cromford Hill in a bid to tackle the problem.

“It would stop anybody blocking that junction off,” he said.

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council said: “We’ve checked on our system and there is no problem with the sequencing of the lights.

“But we’re sending out an engineer and there is a number and phone line for complaints and faults.”

To report a signal fault or problems call the authority on 01629 538625.

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