Lorry drivers’ route victory

Lorry drivers are celebrating after quarry bosses made a u-turn on a controversial mileage policy.

This month workers who drive lorries from Dene Quarry in Cromford contacted the Mercury to say Tarmac had issued new mileage guidelines and they were no longer paid to avoid town centres.

Drivers feared the new rules would put lives at risk as heavy lorries would be forced to use Lime Tree Hill , Matlock and Slack Hill.

But following a meeting with quarry bosses have agreed to stick to their original policy and will be paying drivers an allowance for 23 miles to Chesterfield, instead of asking them to use a shorter route and paying them only an allowance of 15 miles.

One driver, who did not want to be named said, “They have completely changed their mind and said if anyone is found going over Lime Tree Hill they will ban them from the quarry.

“We always knew that route was unsafe and they have been forced to agree with us. It’s a victory for the drivers.

“Last week a lorry broke down on the hill which caused mayhem.”

A spokeswoman for Tarmac said earlier this month that going through Matlock was a more direct route for the lorries to take and the company had to operate in a cost effective way but this week she said the company would be sticking to it’s original policy.

She added: “We talked to the drivers about the shorter routed proposed but ultimately we want to keep our drivers happy and we all agreed it was better to keep the route the same as it was.

“There are no safety implications with either route. They are perfectly legal and safe for the vehicles.

“It was not a decision we were trying to make to annoy the drivers.”

Drivers going to Chesterfield come down Cromford Hill, turn right on to the A6 to Ambergate and then use the A610, A38 and A61 or the M1 to J29.