Travel review: Lap of luxury at former mill

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A pleasant drive over the West Yorkshire moors drops down through the collection of former industrial towns – turned tourists attractions – that are the trademark of the region.

It’s in one such town that you will find Titanic Spa - which marries together the luxury of a modern spa with the industrial heritage of an old mill.

The Titanic Mill is an impressive and expansive building which sits prominently in the valley, overlooked by the town of Linthwaite.

The Titanic Spa is named after the mill, which originally opened in 1911, the same year that the ill–fated Titanic ship was launched.

It elegantly fits into the old industrial building, making the most of the original features such as brickwork and massive windows, which allow natural light to flood in.

Upon entering our apartment, I am impressed with the high standard of accommodation on offer

Each apartment is apparently individual, and ours – a spacious two–bed with balcony overlooking the valley – is beautifully finished to a high standard.

The bedrooms, living and kitchen space are very well proportioned and comfortably decorated in a modern style, while the bathroom and en–suite come complete with complimentary Elemis toiletries.

At the spa itself, there is a pleasant seating area where you can wait to have your treatment. After a short period of time, I am whisked off to one of the treatment rooms for my body massage.

The darkly–lit room is like a sensual cave, complete with relaxing music and soft furnishings.

I am laid upon the floor and the therapist speaks with me about the treatment.

We have to walk through the bistro in order to get to the pool, which feels a little odd dressed in a robe, until I notice that most of the people in there are dressed exactly the same.

The pool itself is a decent size with a jacuzzi and gym overlooking it.

There are not many loungers and while my friend and I do manage to get one each, I can’t help but feel that at busy times, such as weekends, you would struggle to get a lounger.

The spa features a variety of heat and ice experiences, including a sauna, foot baths, mud chamber, aromatherapy room, plunge pool and ice room.

The bistro restaurant is decorated in the same chic style as the spa and apartments, with comfortable booths to sink into after a long day next to the pool. It serves a variety of good quality food and the service is prompt and friendly.

The Titanic Spa is a relaxing and sophisticated way for two old friends to catch up, as well as an imaginative way to reuse an old building, which may otherwise have been left unused.

A ‘simply spa’ overnight package at Titanic Spa costs £129 per person Monday to Friday and £149 Saturday to Sunday.

For further details on prices and treatments, visit