Turbine means lots to business

RE: Your article about permission for the wind turbine in last week’s Matlock Mercury, which has been granted for Viaton Industries, I would like to explain what this means for the business.

Viaton is a family owned company formed by the current chairman’s great grandfather in 1926. It is a mineral processing company using high tech equipment which is very energy intensive. The workforce is made up of local employees from places such as Middleton, Brassington, Wirksworth, Parwich and Matlock, and the company uses local suppliers wherever possible and support local events.

As Viaton competes in the world market, increasing electricity charges make it harder to win business.

The wind turbine will contribute 70 per cent of the electricity needed in the factory which will make the company more viable and safeguard local jobs for the future.

As you can see, this turbine is unlike the ones on Carsington Pastures as it is of direct benefit to local industry.

This area is one of great beauty but in order for the local economy to survive there needs to be industry as well as tourism to provide employment.

I am just an ordinary employee at Viaton, living in Matlock and enjoying being able to work near home.

Lynn Jones