Turbine stirs up debate in village

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Villagers are in a stir following a proposal to build a 67 metre high wind turbine on land near a conservation area.

Charles Williamson, who owns Highlander Farm, in Wheatcroft, has proposed the turbine be built on his land.

Jonathan Jenkin, managing director of Planning Design Ltd, which is handling the project, explained: “It’s a single turbine. The site is to the north of Wheatcroft on land to the north of Highlander Farm.

“It’s a very quiet machine, it’s also a very efficient machine. The turbine we’re proposing is half the size of the ones at Matlock Moor.”

He claimed the turbine would not be visible from Lea, Dethick or Holloway conservation area. Likewise he said it would not be seen from Wheatcroft conservation area.

Jonathan admitted it would be visible from Wessington and the top of Wheatcroft.

The nearest property to the turbine would be Highlander Farm.

“We don’t believe any of the properties will be affected by noise,” Jonathan continued.

However many residents are concerned about the potential effects the project would have on both their homes and the rural landscape.

Tony Pinder, whose property neighbours the proposed site, said: “They say you can’t see it from X and Y, but it will be near the road so you will be driving past a huge structure.”

He expressed his fear that he and his neighbours would inevitably get noise from the turbine.

“We’re going to get a low hum,” Tony continued.

He said he did not think the amount of energy the turbine would produce made it worthwhile.

Charles explained that the local area could benefit as a result of the turbine.

“We are going to be sharing some of the revenue with local schools,” he said.

The property owner said he was willing to provide Lea Primary School with £10,000 each year, based on the retail price index.

Planning Design Ltd will hold a consultation in Crich before Christmas.