Turbines will be no help

RE: Wind of Change in Derbyshire (Matlock Mercury, May 10).

The dismal performance of wind power around the world should be keeping eco campaigners awake at night.

Energy companies and green groups give consistently optimistic theoretical projections for the role of wind turbines in stabilising the climate.

By contrast, in attempts to actually measure the effect of integrating wind energy into electricity networks the conclusion seems always to be the same – wind turbines lead to negligible reductions in carbon emissions and in the worst case can lead to an increase.

A study of the Irish grid (where wind conditions are very similar to those of the UK) is the latest to reach this conclusion.

Anyone who really cares about the climate should be campaigning for a rational energy policy that leads to real, significant and verifiable carbon reductions; the costly spinning follies at Carsington would have little part to play in this.

Prof P. Bullough

Hope Valley