TV programme boosts museum hits

The National Tramway Museum received welcome exposure through the BBC4 ‘Time Watch’ series this week.

The Freeview channel broadcast an hour-long programme ‘The Golden Age of Trams on Monday evening.

Although the museum was not overtly named within the programme itself, featuring in the end credits, this did not prevent viewers picking up on the connection and seeking out the museum’s web site.

The website hits in the hour after the programme saw a remarkable increase of just over 160 per cent.

Daily web hits rose by 65.5 per cent from the previous Sunday to the Monday when the show was broadcast. Hits to the website continued to grow further on the Tuesday with a six per cent increase.

Glynn Wilton, museum curator said: “For years we have been aware that trams have largely ignored by historians and many calls from TV companies have simply been to include ‘a bit about trams’ in a transport programme. “I’ve been trying to convince programme makers for years to do a tram documentary and the response has been tremendous, the website hits have been a revelation.”