UFO spotted in Derbyshire Dales

A UFO has been spotted in the Dales - the latest of several sightings in the area.

A Wirksworth resident saw a mysterious vapour trail in the sky above Pittywood Road in the town.

The man, who did not want to be named, contacted the Mercury to describe his experience.

He claims a silent craft descended from high altitude at about 60 degrees and performed a loop very close to the ground before climbing back into the air at another 60 degrees.

The object formed a 'V' shape in the sky.

He said: "My wife called me out to have a look and my first instinct was something was crashing.

"The only type of craft I could think of that could do that would be a military one but we are a long way from any RAF base."

He added he could also see flashing lights in the distance and after doing some research online had discovered similar sightings in the area.

The UFO was spotted at around 10.30pm on March 10.

The Ministry of Defence revealed its X-files for 2007, listing 135 sightings - including a mysterious object in Wirkworth.

Clusters of bright white lights, strange, triangular shaped objects and stationary craft in Wirksworth are just some of a huge surge in sightings reported in 2007.

The Ministry of Defence released the file as part of plans to open its archives on UFO research.

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