UFO tours from the Barley Mow

Bonsall map on walls of Pentagon?

ALAN Websters tours of Bonsall are famed across the country for their depth of information about the local area.

When he began taking people out six years ago, subjects ranged from environmental to farming issues, and as interest grew so did the scope of his strolls.

And the latest phenomenon has increased Bonsalls reputation as a hot-bed of activity so much that Mr Webster (50) has had to alter his route to cater for national interest.

"The walks began as environmental tours but recently more people have been coming because of the stories about aliens and UFOs," said the landlord of village pub the Barley Mow.

"People dont often see things on the guided walks but when Ive sent people off on their own they have often come back and told me what they have seen."

Some 3,500 visitors from far and wide have taken the stroll, which takes people around Bonsall Moor, Masson and Ible.

Many are guided by the famous Bonsall Map, a copy of which is rumoured to hang on the walls of the Pentagon in Washington DC.

"We have had US Government officials come over here to try and find out whats going on," Mr Webster continued.

"I said on the Central Weekend Live programme a few weeks ago that I think they are building something, and I still stand by that.

"Sometimes people will come into the pub and just strike up a conversation about what they have seen or start asking questions, and its only afterwards when you talk to other people you find out who they were."

Whilst the Derbyshire Dales is becoming known as a hotspot for UFO activity, Bonsall is widely recognised as the epicentre.

In September 2000, housewife Sharon Rowlands captured on video six-and-a-half minutes of a disc-shaped object hovering over Bonsall Moor.

American network giants Fox TV have since paid her for the rights to the tape, after some experts hailed it as the "best UFO footage ever".

And Mr Webster is so keen to hear about what people have seen that he has a sign outside his pub which reads: "ATTENTION! Please report all UFO sightings to the landlord."

By Gareth Davis