Ultimate Mother’s Day gift as dad delivers baby

Jonathan Plant delivered his new baby girl on Mothers Day. Dad Jonathon Plant, mum Robynne, baby Charly Grace and brother Harrison.
Jonathan Plant delivered his new baby girl on Mothers Day. Dad Jonathon Plant, mum Robynne, baby Charly Grace and brother Harrison.

A dad gave his wife the ultimate Mother’s Day gift after helping to deliver their baby girl on the floor of their home.

Jonathan Plant and his wife, Robynne, of Bakewell Road in Matlock were not expecting a quick labour when they started to get ready to go to hospital at about 4am on Mothering Sunday.

“Our three–year–old son, Harrison, was born after 14 hours of labour so I thought it would be the same this time around,” Jonathan, 45, said.

Robynne, 29, had complained of feeling a bit strange at around midnight. Over the course of the next few hours the couple tried different ways of making her feel comfortable, such as using a Swiss ball and running a bath.

“I rang up the midwifery department of the hospital but we’d got contractions about every ten minutes so it wasn’t an emergency,” Jonathan, who works for Derbyshire County Council, said.

He then rang Robynne’s mother, Ruth, to come and take care of Harrison so they could go to the hospital.

Contractions got quicker, and when Ruth arrived, Jonathan started to load the car up, but his mother–in–law shouted to him that the baby was crowning.

“I came back and I could see the head,” he said.

“I said ‘Robynne how are you feeling?’ and she said ‘I just want to push’.”

After 15 minutes or so, baby Charly Grace was born on the kitchen floor at 4.18am weighing six pounds and ten ounces.

“I got on the phone to the midwife and I was like ‘you’re not going to believe this, we’ve just had a baby on the kitchen floor, what do we do?’” Jonathan said.

He and Ruth got blankets and towels for mum and the new arrival and made sure the baby was dry. Luckily the on-call midwife was based in Matlock so she was with them within 20 minutes.

“She said ‘this is incredible’,” Jonathan continued.

“It was all so surreal.

“Luckily God smiled down on us and the baby was alright.”

Jonathan was formerly in the RAF so is trained in first aid ... but more the casualty side of things rather than midwifery.

“The best thing was when our son woke up in the morning I said to him ‘mum’s got something to tell you’,” he added.

“We went to see her and it was like a stalk had dropped the baby off overnight.

“He was full of it and he kept saying ‘I’ve got a little baby sister’.”

Robynne, a logistics officer for the RAF, was fine after the birth and is now settling into her role as mother of a new born baby.

“It was just an incredible Mother’s Day present to have, with mother, baby and grandmother there,” Jonathan said.

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