UPSETTING PICTURE: Much-loved cat loses leg in 'very cruel' crime in Derbyshire

The latest from our newsroom.
The latest from our newsroom.

A cat has lost one of his legs after being shot with an air gun in Derbyshire.

Kath Hubbard said her much-loved pet George was attacked in Town End, Crich, last Tuesday.

George. Picture submitted by Kath Hubbard.

George. Picture submitted by Kath Hubbard.

A spokesman for Alfreton Park Veterinary Hospital said: "An X-ray showed he had three air gun pellet wounds - one had broken his left front leg and damaged the nerves.

"The second pellet was on his side and the third was on his back end with no fresh wound suggesting this happened at some point in the past.

"Very sadly the leg had to be amputated because of the nerve damage.

"The other pellets were also removed.

"This is a very cruel case and has caused poor George and his owner a lot of suffering - all totally unnecessary.

"The police are aware and making enquiries.

"If you have any information which could help them track down the cruel, heartless person who did this, please contact them immediately.

"We would like all pet owners in Crich to be aware.

"Meanwhile we wish George a speedy recovery and send our thoughts and support to his owner."

Kath said: "It was a cowardly attack on an innocent pet."