Urgent call to keep up supplies to foodbanks

Residents are being urged to continue making donations to foodbanks as contributions decline after the Christmas peak.

Over the past year more than 21,500 Derbyshire residents – one in 36 – were fed by emergency food parcels.

One of Derbyshire’s busiest foodbanks collected 2,600kg of food in December 2014 but only 860kg in January, when 1,200kg was distributed to support people in crisis and 700kg in February when there was a need for 1,000kg to be distributed.

The same bank collected 2,500kg of food this Christmas but is anticipating the same drop off in donations over the next few months – with demand again outstripping supply.

Foodbanks are expecting a rush of need as care workers help residents tackle problems caused by new year debt, benefit issues and low incomes.

Derbyshire County Council cabinet member for health and communities Councillor Dave Allen said: “Foodbanks traditionally receive more donations in December when the Christmas spirit encourages people to think more about giving.

“But this always drops off in January and February when demand can be at its highest as people struggle to buy food because of the increased debt they face due to Christmas as well as dealing with the same problems they had before.

“We’re urging residents to make a donation to their local foodbank or one of our libraries or offices if they can. Even if it’s just one packet or tin, every donation helps.”