Via Gellia on list of riskiest roads

The Via Gellia road has been named the second most dangerous road in the UK.

And two other roads in the area were named the third and fourth highest risk roads in the country.

Accidents on the A5012 Via Gellia road increased by 62 per cent in three years, making it second only to the A537 Cat and Fiddle between Macclesfield and Buxton in terms of accidents in the UK during 2007-9

Third on the list was the A621 between Baslow and Totley and fourth on the list was the A625 between Calver and Sheffield.

The statistics were revealed in a report by the Road Safety Foundation this week.

A spokeswoman for Derbyshire County Council said: “Motorcyclists account for a large proportion of the casualties on the A5012. That’s why it doesn’t appear on the list that the RSF has produced of Britain’s top ten highest risk roads for non-motorcyclists.”

She added that the council had carried out road improvements and activities aimed at bikers travelling on the A5012 since 2004.

During 2004-6 seven of the 12 people killed or seriously injured on the Via Gellia road were motorcyclists and during 2007-9 it was 15 out of 20.