VIDEO – Brewery toasts exporting deal

ONE Dales brewery is toasting success after landing an exporting deal so large that new staff have already been hired to cater for the demand.

Last week, Thornbridge Brewery secured a permanent listing in Sweden’s government-controlled monopoly system for their award-winning Jaipur beer.

While the brewery is already exporting on a smaller scale to Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Australia and America – the new deal is set to almost double the brewery’s current level of export.

Alex Buchanan, of Thornbridge Brewery, said: “It’s a great thing for us and it’s a great thing for Bakewell. We’ve already taken on new staff as the brewery has expanded but if our exports keep growing at the level they have been then we will have to look at expanding our operation even more.”

The new deal will see the brewery export approximately 6,000 bottles of Jaipur to the monopoly system – which is called Systembolaget and is responsible for selling all beverages stronger than 3.5 per cent in volume – every single week.

Alex said: “When we first moved to our Bakewell brewery from Thornbridge Hall in 2005 we left a bit of room for expansion but didn’t think we’d need it for quite some time.

“That space has already been swallowed up, though, and we are even considering expanding our operation into another building as well as this one.”

The new contract is due to start in November and will mean that over 25 per cent of all the beer sold will be exported – compared to just under 15 per cent at the beginning of this year.

Alex said: “We’ll keep pushing our exporting as much as we can, but our business in the UK is growing hugely as well. We’ve got regular fixtures in many of the big-name supermarkets and our Thornbridge pubs are going from strength-to-strength.”