VIDEO: Derbyshire baker's '˜bootylicious' cake goes down a treat

A Derbyshire baker who was asked to make the '˜dirtiest' cake she can think of as a prank for a friend's birthday says the orders have been rolling in ever since.

Friday, 11th August 2017, 6:20 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:51 pm
The 'Thai Ladyboy' cake created by Abi Smith.

Abi Smith, 24, of Weaver Close, Crich, created the ‘Thai Ladyboy’ jam and cream sponge for the boyfriend of her best friend, Adele Burton, 26.

The mum-of-two put her skills to the test over two days and surprised pal Jonny Tyler, on his 25th birthday.

“My best friend Adele came to me and said ‘I want you to make the most dirtiest cake you can think of’,” Abi said.

The 'Thai Ladyboy' cake created by Abi Smith.

“It was just a joke to start with but then I decided to go for it.”

The cake - which even has a Jonny ‘tattoo’ on one bum cheek - is in remarkable detail - so much so that we have decided to blur out the images.

But if you want to see the full picture, click here. Be warned though, it is graphic.

So how did Abi go about creating it?

“I literally just went straight into it,” she said.

“I cut the pieces out of the cake and pinned them together.

“It is a jam and cream sponge with fondant icing to cover it, cake lace stockings and it is coloured with an air brushing machine.

“I was honestly shocked with how good it looked.

The 'Thai Ladyboy' cake created by Abi Smith.

“I have never made anything like this.”

Abi only turned to baking professionally four weeks ago after previously being a beautician.

She runs her LV Cake business from her own kitchen.

She said she sent photos of the cake at each stage to Adele to let her see how it was progressing.

“She loved it and was very excited,” Abi added.

The cake was presented to Jonny at his birthday party, and it’s safe to say it went down a treat.

Abi, who has two young sons - Buddie, four, and one-year-old Tommy, told the Derbyshire Times: “Everyone just exploded with laughter.

“Jonny did not believe that it was a cake and kept asking if it was edible.

“He knew I was making a cake but he did not know what it was going to be.

“I think he was a bit nervous and embarrassed.”

The cake has since gone viral and Abi has received a number of other requests asking what she can make.

“The reaction has been mental,” Abi said.

“I have had lots of different requests.

“People have been asking how I made it and if it is actually real.

“I think everyone has seen the funny side.”

Abi, who is engaged to her partner Danny O’Keefe, 27, joked: “There was a teacher at school who always encouraged me to use my artistic skills but probably not in this way.”

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